The following is an excerpt.

«Education in physical security stands out, compared to what we normally educate students in at NTNU», states Magnus Langseth in a 25-minutes podcast from Technoport.

Man and woman by a tableThe Technoport organization in Trondheim aims to advance science-based, technological innovation and promotes cooperation between academia, businesses and the public sector. The podcast’s host is the CEO of Technoport, Karianne Tung (photo), and she included CASA’s director Magnus Langseth in the exclusive group of profiles starring in the new series.
When promoting the podcast, Technoport declares that SFI CASA use «multiscale testing, modelling and simulation in materials and structures to make the world safer and better».

When asked whether he, daily, reflects upon that the Centre contributes to a safer society, Langseth confirms that this is an important issue. He also takes the opportunity to inform on the fact that that «education in physical security is exceptional to what we normally educate students in at NTNU».
Further, he reminds the listeners that in total, 600-700 MNOK are invested in building up SIMLab and CASA through two SFI Schemes.
«Therefore, we have said that the Norwegian authorities must consider whether we should continue to have an activity in research, teaching, competence building in this field at NTNU after CASA finishes in 2023», Magnus Langseth states.

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