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The YouTube channel for Norwegian SciTech News has released a short video-version on the KPN SLADE project.



Our story on the KPN SLADE project «Measuring the impact of extreme waves on offshore structures» has been widely spread. Recently, the YouTube channel for Norwegian SciTech News also released a short video that effectively shows the primary goals of SLADE.

Improving safety at sea

Heavy storms can cause steep and violent waves slamming into platforms and offshore wind turbines. Researcher Rene Kaufmann measures the pressure and deformations from such massive loads – to improve safety at sea.
«It is crucial to understand the mutual interaction between the impacting wave and the structure’s response», says Kaufmann in the story that has caught a great deal of interest.
NTNU and SINTEF´s joint research magazine Gemini and the English edition SciTech News re-published the story. Several international publications picked it up during the autumn and spread it further.

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Joint forces

In KPN SLADE, SINTEF Ocean and NTNU join forces on fundamental investigations. SLADE is a knowledge building project (KPN) financed by the Norwegian Research Council (NRC) and prominent maritime players. Among them is the leading international offshore operator Equinor. Plus Aker Solutions, a global leader in delivering offshore energy production facilities. Also, consulting engineers Multiconsult, the Norwegian Shipowner’s Association, the Norwegian Maritime Authority and the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority support the project. And The United States Navy is an international partner.
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