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18 students are now set out to work on master´s theses at SIMLab and SFI CASA. See the full list of this spring´s names and topics. 

Student looking on a test set up in a research rig.
MSc student Sondre Tjessem takes the final check on the test set up in the new 5 MN (MegaNewton) test rig at the Department of Structural Engineering. Tjessem works together with Bjørn Gjertsen. (Photo: Sølvi W. Normannsen)

The master’s thesis is the final step for the students and requires 20 full-time weeks of work. For NTNU SIMLab and SFI CASA,  the master’s students are essential contributors in all links of the value chain. That is, from research and testing to transferring and implementing technology in the industry.

The research in the theses is related to behaviour and material modelling of metallic materials, polymers and glass. During the next months, the students will work on material and component testing at various loading rates and the development and implementation of material models suited for large-scale structural analyses.
Two of them, Sondre Tjessem and Bjørn Gjertsen, will work on testing and modelling of cast rims in aluminium this spring. Their supervisors are Professor Magnus Langseth and Associate professor David Morin. During the last week of February, the students were the first to do experiments in the brand new 5MN rig in the test facilities of the Department of Structural Engineering.

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Deadline for submitting the theses is 11 June. The 18 students that now are set out to work is a slight increase from the 15 students that handed in their work last year.
The master’s thesis is the final step for an MSc student, written in the last (10th) semester of the study. The students can choose the problem for their theses among all fields that are covered by the Department of Structural Engineering. Most items are proposed by the professors, but it may also be feasible to work with problems suggested by companies or other external enterprises.

The full list of Master´s theses at SIMLab and CASA spring 20202

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A Master´s thesis at SIMLab means a lot of destruction. Watch the video: