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Associate professor Vegard Aune has handed over the report on the first 5 years of his professorship in societal security. The receiver is the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (JD), who funded the first five years of the position.

collage report of physical security
Societal security. Societal security. The 40-page report has a popular scientific form. It aims to give the reader a good overview of 5 years of research activities that increase our knowledge about physical security.

In April 2017, the letter of commitment from the Ministry announced the grant of  NOK 8 million over five years. The funds financed the establishment of a professorship in societal security with a focus on physical security at NTNU. The position was linked to SFI CASA, hosted by the SIMLab research group (Structural Impact Laboratory). Vegard Aune was employed on 1st December 2017.
Now, NTNU has taken over the obligations for the position. In his final report to the Ministry, Aune states that thanks to the professorship, the JD has strengthened SFI CASA’s and NTNU’s contribution towards raising the level of physical security education and research in Norway.

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Researchers in a shock tube facility

The report says that, in general, the project period (2017-2022) has seen continuous activity and produced valuable results. There has been a carefully considered balance between teaching master’s students, research activities, and communication. Also, the already thriving cooperation with industrial players has been strengthened. Thirteen (13) master’s theses, one (1) doctoral thesis, and thirty-eight (38) scientific publications were written and disseminated as articles in recognized journals, conference contributions, technical reports, and datasets.

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