The following is an excerpt.

The 2021 Annual Report is ready for download. New stories, new profiles, new summaries, and new photos. Plus, the usual stuff of facts and figures, projects and publications, cooperation and annual accounts.

Cover page SFI CASA CASA Annual report

The report gives you a good overview of SFI CASA´s overall performance in 2021. You´ll find the «Tales of Protection» a straightforward summary of the Centre´s achievements for 2021 and the preceding years. Besides, you will get to know our 2 new doctors, Jianbin Xu and Daniel Thor Morton, a bit better.

A new feature in this delicate new (blue this time) report is 14 mini-stories highlighting people, projects and incidents that set their mark on the SFI CASA year of 2021.

Of course, we also have our new group photos taken for this report. Thanks to photographer Ole Martin Wold who shot cool pics of a lovely bunch of people in a very cool lab.

You can download the report here 42 pages in all. Enjoy!