The following is an excerpt.

Here, of course, you will find the usual stuff of objectives and goals, facts and figures, projects, publications and annual accounts. But there is more. 

Cover, Annual Report 2020 SFI CASA
The report should give you a good overview of SFI CASA´s overall performance in 2020.

Also, you´ll find a letter from the Centre Director Magnus Langseth. Here, he sums up the preceding years, inform about some new initiatives, and shares his views on future prospects.
We also describe our concurrent projects, and how Covid-19 changed how we communicate our research to our partners and to the outside world.
Besides, you will get to know our six new doctors a bit better as we bring the content of the doctoral dissertations that they defended throughout the year.

You can download the report here. It´s 48 pages. Enjoy!