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SIMLab has just announced a vacant position as a PhD candidate in the testing, modelling and optimisation of aluminium extrusions under extreme loads.


Test of an aluminium profile in SIMLab´s mechanical lab. (Photo: Sølvi W. Normannsen)

The advent of electric vehicles has brought about new challenges related to designing efficient yet lightweight aluminium structures. The development of more complex aluminium extruded profiles has been motivated by the need for increased protection of battery trays and the gradual substitution of steel for aluminium in the automotive industry. Thicker walls, multiple chambers and complex cross-sections are just some of the aspects that challenge current FE modelling technologies, while the demand for accurate simulations of vehicle parts within reasonable timeframes is maintained.

SIMLab´s new PhD project will address the new challenges associated with the mechanical behaviour of complex profiles under extreme loads from a modelling point of view. The work is to be carried out within a world-leading research group with decades of experience in the testing, modelling and simulation of structures subject to extreme loads. The candidate will contribute to consolidating the group’s leading position with regard to aluminium structures.

The photo above shows a test of an aluminium profile in SIMLab´s mechanical lab. The computer models developed within the group aim to simulate when, where, and how fracture occurs and the effects of changing the metal´s properties during production. The numerical simulations are validated by comparison with the experimental tests.

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