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The 12th European LS-DYNA Conference in Koblenz is said to be a big success. Eight SIMLab and SFI CASA people took the opportunity to present their work.

Postdoc Martin Kristoffersen present at LS-DYNA: «Blast Loading of Concrete: Simulations of Tubular Structures Subjected to Internal detonations». (Photo: Joakim Johnsen)

The attendants gave more than 200 presentations during the 12th European LS-DYNA Conference in Germany. Out of these, researchers from SIMLab and SFI CASA presented eight papers, including professor Odd Sture Hopperstad´s keynote presentation.

 Close to 500 participants in Koblenz

The user community of LS-DYNA developers, industry users and academia met for presentations, workshops, discussions and seminars 14-16 May. The event took place in the historic city of Koblenz, Germany. Close to 500 participants could choose among more than 200 technical presentations on all LS-DYNA applications.

Also, the organizer called special attention to this year´s group of renowned keynote speakers from industry and academia all over the world «that proves the high quality of the conference»:

Niclas Brännberg (NIO), Prof. Odd Sture Hopperstad (NTNU), Johan Jergeus (Volvo), Prof. Peter Middendorf (University of Stuttgart), Mikael Palm (Husqvarna), Dr. Steven Peters (Daimler), Kishore Pydimarry (Honda), Ricardo Tejero de la Piedra (Opel), Dr. Tsuyoshi Yasuki (Toyota).

Towards a Virtual Laboratory

The title of Professor Odd Sture Hopperstad´s presentation was «Towards a Virtual Laboratory for Aluminium Structures». Hopperstad leads the Toppforsk project FractAl, and the microstructure-based modelling approach has been developed in a joint effort with CASA. The long-term objective of this activity is to establish a virtual laboratory for the design of aluminium structures in the ultimate limit state and accidental limit state.

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Both Associate Professor David Morin and Researcher Joakim Johnsen gave presentations in the parallel seminar Metallic Materials I.

Johnsen presented the paper «Calibration and Application of GISSMO and *Mat_258 for Shell Element Simulations of High-Strength Steel», while David Morin presented 2 papers. The first on «*MAT_258: A Through-Thickness Regularization Scheme for Shell Element Analyses -Application to Aluminium Components».

Morin´s second presentation was on Adhesive/Rivets and the theme «Modelling of Steel-Aluminium Components using Structural Adhesive and Self-Piercing Rivets».

Other SIMLab and SFI CASA people that took the opportunity to showcase their work:

  • PhD Candidate Einar Schwenke (Thermoplastic Materials II): «Modelling Polypropylene Subjected to Impact Loading at Low Temperatures».
  • Researcher Miguel Costas (Connections): «Multiscale Numerical Simulations of Structural Joints with Flow-Drill Screws using a Virtual Material Calibration).
  • PhD candidate John Fredrick Berntsen (Adhesive/Rivets): «Modelling of Bonded Component Tests, Comparing MAT_240 to State-of-the-Art Models»
  • Researcher Torodd Berstad (Metallic Materials II): «Numerical Simulations of Low-Velocity Impact on Sandwich Structures with Steel Skins and Polymer Foam Cores».
  • Postdoc Martin Kristoffersen (High-Speed Impact V): «Blast Loading of Concrete: Simulations of Tubular Structures Subjected to Internal detonations».

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