The following is an excerpt.

SFI CASA’s brand new presentation video is here. Spread the word – and the video:


Why a video? Because we sometimes want or need to explain to our surroundings what we do and why it is important. Whether we are CASA staff or students, commercial or public partners, we all have this in common.

Sometimes a politician needs to grasp CASA’s gist in seconds. Sometimes a student ponders which path to choose. Sometimes a colleague higher up in the system wonders whether the company should continue to contribute. Sometimes family members and friends are full of questions. The video seeks to meet these challenges. You decide if it succeeds…


An obligation and a pleasure

The need to convey what we do is an inherent challenge for any SFI. It is also an obligation. NTNU’s rector told the press only last week that technology geeks are not always the first to acknowledge that dissemination is part of our mission. While a single video cannot aspire to explain thousands of hours of research, it can give a glimpse of what we are all about.

One of our partners’ representatives has had a sneak peek. The following quote from his response e-mail hopefully serves to illustrate that the video serves at least part of its purpose:

“My compliments! The video explains CASA very well in an understandable manner.  Even my children now have a good idea about why daddy travels to Norway once in a while J.”