The following is an excerpt.

CASA and partners recently gathered at Technocentre Renault in Guyancourt, France.


CASA partners in conference room
Around 40 people attended seminars and meetings at Technocentre Renault 17-19 September 2019. (All photos: Sølvi W. Normannsen).

On the agenda was an assembly in the Industrial Reference Group (IRG). Also, the board met for a seminar and meeting, and there were technical sessions on aluminium and steel research.

The IRG meeting Tuesday 17 September included a status report from the partners on implementation, including examples on host Renault´s implementation strategy. The group further discussed future priorities linked to research and implementation. The Midway evaluation by the Research Council of Norway was also on the IRG´s agenda. Finally, CASA challenged the IRG-representatives on what they do expect to be the final delivery at the end of the Centre´s period in 2023.

The next day, SFI CASA professors Tore Børvik and Odd Sture Hopperstad, researcher Borja Erice and Associate professor David Morin presented ongoing research on metallic materials and structures. The partners also got status reports on the activities linked to the Centre´s six research programmes and a presentation on the Centre´s communication work. 

The Board of SFI CASA reserved Thursday 19 September for their meeting.