The following is an excerpt.

He has impressed his students with outstanding pedagogical skills. Now, they have honoured Odd Sture Hopperstad for his exceptional efforts to convey advanced and theoretical knowledge in a rewarding and understandable way. 

Man holding an Award«The Award came as a delightful surprise to me. I am thrilled to get such recognition among so many good nominees», Professor Odd Sture Hopperstad said when receiving the award from Janicke Garman at Norconsult AS.


Also, he praised the students at Civil and Environmental Engineering for highlighting lecturers they think do a good job.
«It is very inspiring», says the Professor.
Also, he obviously forms an excellent team with Vetle Espeseth, his research assistant in the new subject Mechanics 4. In their reasoning, the Jury emphasizes the great collaboration between the Professor and the PhD candidate at FractAl. Hopperstad couldn’t agree more.
 «There should have been an award for the best research assistant as well. Then, Vetle Espeset should have had it», Hopperstad said in his speech of thanks to the Jury and the audience at BM-dagen.


In their reasoning, the Jury states that the students have been very impressed with how Hopperstad has established an entirely new -and hefty- compendium for the new subject. Further, he has delivered the lectures very orderly, with remarkable commitment, active discussions, outstanding pedagogical skills and active checking on whether the students have understood the content.
«All in all, the winner has been able to convey very advanced and theoretical knowledge in a rewarding and understandable way», the Jury states. Also, they remind us that all of this took place in a new subject during the demanding era of COVID-19 with online teaching.


The Norconsult Award for the best educator at Civil and Environmental Engineering at NTNU aims to stimulate and highlight the importance of educational activities. The award plays a role in recruiting students for the program and also for achieving high-quality graduates. This year had a record of nominees, 20 in all. In total there are 135 students taking the subject Mechanics 4 at the Department of Structural engineering.