The following is an excerpt.

Recruitment is a never-ending story. A Master´s thesis at SIMLab means a lot of destruction. Watch the video.

While dedicated Master students of 2019 populate the test facilities and work hard on their theses, SIMLab staff do their best to recruit students for future MSc studies. 

Lately, there have been several presentations and guided tours for groups from different secondary schools. Early in April, SIMLab arranged a seminar for potential Master candidates.

This time we got valuable help from Nils Ånund Smeland (photo below). The former NTNU-student is now Vice President Onshore Facilities in SFI CASA partner Multiconsult, one of the leading firms of consulting engineers and designers in Norway.

Nils Smeland is a former NTNU-student, now Vice President Onshore Facilities in SFI CASA partner Multiconsult

Smeland gave a presentation on the use of numerical simulations within the consulting engineering business.

He also served some fresh examples from his own experience with arctic and cold climate engineering.  During his career, the engineer has been working with platforms on the Sakhalin oil & gas project in Russia and the massive Hebron oil platform off the coast of Newfoundland.  The latter is also called an engineering marvel.

Some of the many activities on this spring´s ongoing MSc projects have been recorded and put into a 2-minute film shown to the students before pizza and refreshments.

@NTNU on Twitter published a shorter version of the film. It is also running on the Facebook-page NTNU Science and Technology.