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Hydro will sponsor a new Associate Professor position at the Department of Structural Engineering, NTNU.

Three people studying aluminioum profiles
Partner Hydro on a visit in 2019. CASA´s director Magnus Langseth (left) discussing research and innovation with the CEO of Hydro ASA, Hilde Merete Aasheim and the company´s Chief Technology Officer Hans Erik Vatne. (Photo: Sølvi W. Normannsen)

The new employee will eventually replace Professor Magnus Langseth when he retires.
«This is excellent news. The new position will strengthen our teaching and research activities within the design and modelling of aluminium structures. Besides, with this generous decision, Hydro confirms that our long-lasting and close collaboration will continue», Professor Langseth says.

The position shall contribute to strengthening the education and research within the field of aluminium structures with particular emphasis on the structural design as well as impact and crashworthiness.

«Included here is research work related to design codes for aluminium structures, modelling and structural optimization as well as behaviour and modelling of structural joints for automotive applications», Langseth informs.

For the first 5 years, the position will be financed by the external grant from Hydro. After that, NTNU takes over all obligations. Also, the university will fund the salary of one PhD candidate for three years, which will be linked to the position.

Professor Magnus Langseth, Hydro and NTNU agree that these arrangements give good opportunities to continue the subject areas of Mr Langseth. The position should be filled in due time before the professor retires, to ensure a good overlap between the two of them.

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