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Century Fracture Mechanics Summit 2019 recently gathered three generations of fracture researchers and experts under one roof in Singapore.

John W. Hutchinson celebrated at CFMS 100


On the last day of the summit,10 April, there was a celebration of the 80th birthday of Professor John W. Hutchinson.  Hutchison is an active member of SFI CASA´s Scientific Advisory Board and an extraordinary contributor to the field of fracture mechanics.

Professor Odd Sture Hopperstad, NTNU SIMLab.

The pioneering generation of fracture mechanics giants, eminent mid-age and young scholars discussed the past, present and the future of their field and celebrated achievements.

Professors Magnus Langseth and Odd Sture Hopperstad from NTNU SIMLab attended the summit.

Professor Magnus Langseth, NTNU SIMLab

The Century Fracture Mechanics Summit 2019 positions as the highest standard and highest quality scientific conference ever since the birth of fracture mechanics nearly a century ago.