The following is an excerpt.

SFI CASA is soon to meet with industrial partners, Board, Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and other friends in Oslo. Plenary sessions start on Wednesday morning, 19 September.

Virtual Lab and case studies

First, Centre Director Magnus Langseth will give a general update on the centre’s research activities. Next, the key people behind Virtual Laboratory (VL) enter the stage: David Morin, Odd Sture Hopperstad and Tore Børvik will reveal status on «Virtual Lab for microstructure-based modelling and simulation of aluminium and steel structures».

 Their presentation includes case studies:

  • Impact against stiffened panels
  • Energy absorption of structures
  • Blast responses of plates
  • Penetration of plates

After this session, our PhD candidates and postdocs, Karoline Osnes, Petter Holmstrøm, Ole Vestrum, Mathias Reil, Bjørn Håkon Frodal, Emil Christiansen and Lars Edvard Dæhli will report on their projects.

Partners tell about research needs

This year, CASA has given some of our partners a special challenge. We have asked them to tell us about their long-term research needs and implementation. Rumour has it that they have responded eagerly and have worked hard in groups.

Their messengers will be:

  • Eric DeHoff, Honda R&D (automotive structures)
  • Cato Dørum, Norwegian Public Roads Administration (onshore and offshore structures)
  • Svein Olav Christensen, Norwegian Defence Estates Agency (protective structures).

Experience from internship

There will also be a short brief by PhD candidates Karoline Osnes and Ole Vestrum.  The two of them will share their experience from internship at partners – BMW and Equinor respectively.

Thursday is reserved for report writing by the SAB and the SFI CASA Board meeting. Finally there will be a presentation of the SAB report, followed by a discussion with the Board, core team and partners.

The seminar will be held at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel.