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SFI CASA was one of the selected places to visit when the Standing Committee on Education and Research visited NTNU on 4 April.

Group of visitors sitting in large mechanical lab

Director Magnus Langseth presented the Centre´s activities and the initiative to establish a national center for physical security.  The committee has 13 members responsible for all matters relating to education and research, including coordinating Norwegian research policy. During their visit to NTNU, they gained insight into the university´s research areas such as energy, aquaculture, digitalization, and cyber security.


NTNU´s rector Anne Borg, pro-rector for education Marit Reitan, pro-rector for research Tor Grande and pro-rector for innovation Toril Nagelhus Hernes accompanied the politicians during the visit. Also, Olav Bolland, the dean of the Faculty of Engineering and chair of SFI CASA´s board was present.
Man presents research in front of audienceIn his presentation, Magnus Langseth reminded the audience that the project period for SFI CASA ends in mid-2023. The Centre´s management has put a lot of effort into the possibility of establishing a new national centre for research within physical security.
This initiative will help educate more civil engineers and doctoral engineers trained to use the latest tools, and think holistically about safety.

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As a result of these efforts, SFI CASA and SIMLab´s plans were part of the Norwegian Parliament’s debate on societal security on 9 March 20201. Langseth reminded the visiting group that the then Standing Committee on Justice put forward a proposal. The proposal said that «the Parliament asks the government to initiate a national investment in expertise in securing potentially vulnerable buildings and structures. This investment should be a centre that can provide both research, candidates and continuing education for the public and private sectors».

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 During the debate, SIMLab, SFI CASA and NTNU received more than 3 minutes of support and praise from the country’s top rostrum. Unfortunately, the committee failed to get the governing parties to vote for the proposal.
On 4 april, Langseth ensured that CASA will continue to work on the initiative.
The visit took place in the test facilities at the Department of Structural Engineering,  next to the Pendulum Impactor. After the presentation, the Parliament politicians got a demonstration on a 40 kph crash test of an aluminium profile.