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SFI CASA hosted The International Conference on Impact Loading of Structures and Materials, ICILSM 2022 from 14 to 17 June.

Invited lecture presentation during a conference
Professor Marcilio Alves, Professor at The University of São Paulo.

On the opening day 14 June, Professor Marcilio Alves entered the stage as the first of 11 reputable experts invited to lecture. Alves is a professor at The University of São Paulo, where he established the Group of Solid Mechanics and Structural Impact. Alves is also a former president of the International Society of Impact Engineering. The topic of his invited lecture was «Impact Loading of Component and Structures».

Man on stage during conference


The 3rd ICILSM conference was opened by Professor Olav Bolland (left), the Dean of NTNU Faculty of Engineering and Chair of SFI CASA. Before leaving the stage to the first presenters, he gave his audience a short introduction to Norway, the city of Trondheim and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.




Professor Alves was succeeded by Professor Odd Sture Hopperstad. For the last 5 years, he has led the FractAl project, and his presentation «Modelling of Failure in Aluminium Structures» was on the result from the project.The ICILSM conference was initially planned to be held in June 2020. Unfortunately, the corona pandemic forced the hosts to postpone it. The conference brings together nearly 100 engineer experts on the impact loading of structures and materials. They come from around the world, and from 14 to 17 June, 59 presentations will be given, covering all sub-domains of impact engineering.

Interior of the Nidaros Cathedral


This conference series started in Liverpool, UK, in 1983, under the name ICILLS and was later held in the US, Brazil, France, and South Africa. In 2104 the conference’s name was changed to ICILSM and held in Torino, Italy. The last stop before Trondheim was in Xián, China, in 2016.

A total of 13 participants gave plenum lectures on the first day of ICISLM 2022. In the evening of the openin day, there was a Concert and welcome reception at the famous Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim.


On day 2, 16 lectures were given during 2 parallel sessions. Professor Genevieve Langdon chaired the session on Fracture of structures and materials under impact and blast loading. Langdon is a Professor of Blast and Impact Engineering  at the University of Sheffield.

Group of engineers discussing

The other session, Dynamic material behaviour and failure was led by Professor Patricia Verleysen. She is head of DyMaLab, a research group of the Department of Electromechanical, Systems & Metal Engineering  at Ghent University in Belgium. She is also a member of SFI CASA´s Scientific Advisory Board.

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In the evening on 15 June, there was a social gathering with quiz, games and a barbecue on a farm lovely situated in the hills of Byneset outside Trondheim.  It was a typical early summer evening in Mid-Norway, 12 degrees, cloudy and with some rain. However, the mood was excellent and the mandatory conference photo was taken.

ICILSM 2022. Photo: Thor Nielsen.
ICILSM 2022. PHOTO: Thor Nielsen / NTNU