News in longs is simply a list of journal publications from CASA and SIMLab staff and candidates. At the bottom you will find a link to all SIMLab publications in the period 2007 to 2014. Dig in!

January – December 2018:

    V. Aune, F. Casadei, G. Valsasmos, M. Langseth, T. Børvik. A Shock Tube Used to Study the Dynamic Response of Blast-Loaded Plates. Proceedings 2(8) (2018), 503.

    M. Costas, D. Morin, O.S. Hopperstad, T. Børvik, M. Langseth. A through-thickness damage regularisation scheme for shell elements subjected to severe bending and membrane deformations. Journal of the mechanics and physics of solids (2018).

    L. E. Dæhli, D. Morin, T. Børvik, O.S. Hopperstad. A Lode-dependent Gurson model motivated by unit cell analyses. Engineering Fracture Mechanics 190 (2018), 299-318.

    J. Johnsen, J.K. Holmen, T.L. Warren, T. Børvik. Cylindrical cavity expansion approximations using different constitutive models for the target material. International Journal of Protective Structures 9(2) (2018), 199-225.

    M. Kristoffersen, M. Langseth, T. Børvik. Combined three-point bending and axial tension of pressurised and unpressurised X65 offshore steel pipes – Experiments and simulations. Marine Structures 61 (2018), 560-577.

    M. Kristoffersen, J.E. Pettersen, V. Aune, T. Børvik. Experimental and numerical studies on the structural response of normal strength concrete slabs subjected to blast loading. Engineering structures 174 (2018), 242-255.

    M. Kristoffersen, K.O. Hauge, T. Børvik. Blast loading of concrete pipes using C-4 charges. Proceedings 2(8) (2018), 428.

    D. Morin, O.S. Hopperstad, A. Benallal. On the description of ductile fracture in metals by the strain localization theory. International Journal of Fracture 1-2 (2018), 27-51. *

    D. Morin, M. Fourmeau, T. Børvik, A. Benallal, O.S. Hopperstad. Anisotropic tensile failure of metals by the strain localization theory: An application to a high-strength aluminium alloy. European journal of mechanics. A, Solids 69 (2018) 99-112. *

    O.R. Myhr, O.S. Hopperstad, T. Børvik. A Combined Precipitation, Yield Stress, and Work Hardening Model for Al-Mg-Si Alloys Incorporating the Effects of Strain Rate and Temperature. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions. A 49A (2018), 3592-3609.

    R.R. Neves, H. Fransplass, M. Langseth, L. Driemeier, M. Alves. Performance of Some Basic Types of Road Barriers Subjected to the Collision of a Light Vehicle. Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering 10:274 (2018).

    K. Osnes, T. Børvik, O.S. Hopperstad. Testing and modelling of annealed float glass under quasi-static and dynamic loading. Engineering Fracture Mechanics 201 (2018), 107-129

    K. Osnes, O.S. Hopperstad, T. Børvik. Quasi-Static and Dynamic Testing of Annealed Float Glass. Proceedings 2 (2018).

    Aa. Reyes, T. Børvik. Quasi-static behaviour of crash components with steel skins and polymer foam cores. Materials Today Communications 17 (2018), 541-553.

    J.K. Sønstabø, D. Morin, M. Langseth. Testing and modelling of flow-drill screw connections under quasi-static loading. Journal of Materials Processing Technology 255 (2018), 724-738.

    J.K. Sønstabø, D. Morin, M. Langseth. Static and dynamic testing and modelling of aluminium joints with flow-drill screw connections. International Journal of Impact Engineering 115 (2018), 58-75.

    O. Vestrum, M. Kristoffersen, M. Polanco-Loria, H. Ilstad, M. Langseth, T. Børvik. Quasi-static and dynamic indentation of offshore pipelines with and without multi-layer polymeric coating. Marine Structures 62 (2018), 60-76.

    *Funding from CASA and concurrent project FractAl

    May – August 2017:
    G. Gruben, D. Morin, M. Langseth, O.S. Hopperstad. Ductile fracture of steel sheets under dynamic membrane loading. Procedia Engineering 197 (2017) 185–195.

    D. Morin, O.S. Hopperstad, A. Benallal. On the description of ductile fracture in metals by the strain localization theory. International Journal of Fracture, 2017

    J. K. Holmen, J.K. Solberg, O.S. Hopperstad, T. Børvik. Ballistic impact of layered and case-hardened steel plates. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 2017 .

    J. Qin, B. Holmedal, O.S. Hopperstad. Modelling of strain-path transients in commercially pure aluminium. Materials Science Forum 877 (2017) 662-667.

    M. Costas, D. Morin, M. Langseth, J. Diaz, L. Romera. Static crushing of aluminium tubes filled with PET foam and a GFRP skeleton. Numerical modelling and multiobjective optimization. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences. Volumes 131-132, October 2017, Pages 205-217

    Erik L. Grimsmo, Arne Aalberg, Magnus Langseth, Arild H. Clausen. How placement of nut determines failure mode of bolt-and-nut assemblies. Steel Construction 10 (2017).

    E. Løhre Grimsmo, L.E. Bryhni Dæhli, O.S. Hopperstad, A. Aalberg, M. Langseth, A.H. Clausen. Comparison of damage models in numerical simulations of fillet welds under quasi-static and impact loading. Procedia Engineering 197 ( 2017 ) 79–88.

    Arne Ilseng, Bjørn H. Skallerud, Arild H. Clausen. Volume growth during uniaxial tension of particle-filled elastomers at various temperatures –Experiments and modelling. Journal of the mechanics and physics of solids. vol. 107. October 2017, Pages 33-48.

    Erik Løhre Grimsmo,  Lars Edvard Bryhni Dæhli,  Odd Sture Hopperstad,  Arne Aalberg,  Magnus Langseth,  Arild Holm Clausen. Numerical study of fillet welds subjected to quasi-static and impact loading. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences. Volumes 131-132, October 2017, Pages 1092-1105.

    Lars Edvard Bryhni Dæhli, Jonas Faleskog, Tore Børvik, Odd Sture Hopperstad. Unit cell simulations and porous plasticity modelling for strongly anisotropic FCC metals. European Journal of Mechanics A/ Solids. Volume 65, September–October 2017, Pages 360-383.

    Lars Edvard Bryhni Dæhli, David Morin,  Tore Børvik,  Odd Sture Hopperstad. Influence of yield surface curvature on the macroscopic yielding and ductile failure of isotropic porous plastic materials. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids. Volume 107, October 2017, Pages 253-283

    V. Aune, G. Valsamos, F. Casadei, M. Langseth, T. Børvik. On the dynamic response of blast-loaded steel plates with and without pre-formed holes. International Journal of Impact Engineering 108 (2017) 27–46.

    J.K. Holmen, O.S. Hopperstad, T. Børvik. Influence of yield-surface shape in simulation of ballistic impact. International Journal of Impact Engineering 108 (2017) 136-146.

    Vysochinskiy, D., Coudert, T., Hopperstad, O.S., Lademo, O.-G., Reyes, A. Experimental study on the formability of AA6016 sheets pre-strained by rolling. (2017) International Journal of Material Forming, pp. 1-17.

    Johnsen, J., Grytten, F., Hopperstad, O. S., and Clausen, A. H. (2017). Influence of strain rate and temperature on the mechanical behaviour of rubber-modified polypropylene and cross-linked polyethylene. Mechanics of Materials, 114, 40–56.

    March – April 2017:
    G. Gruben, S. Sølvernes, T. Berstad, D. Morin, O. S. Hopperstad, M. Langseth: Low-velocity impact behaviour and failure of stiffened steel plates. Marine Structures, volume 54, July 2017, Pages 73–91.

    D. Morin, B. L. Kaarstad, B. Skajaa, O. S. Hopperstad, M. Langseth: Testing and modelling of stiffened aluminium panels subjected to quasi-static and low velocity impact loading. International Journal of Impact Engineering.

    B. H. Frodal, K. O. Pedersen, T. Børvik, O. S. Hopperstad: Influence of pre-compression on the ductility of AA6xxx aluminium alloys. International Journal of Fracture (2017) DOI 10.1007/s10704-017-0204-42017.

    G. Gruben, D. Morin, M. Langseth, O. S. Hopperstad: Strain localization and ductile fracture in advanced high-strength steel sheets. European Journal of Mechanics A/Solids 61 (2017) 315-329.

    J. Qin, B. Holmedal, K. Zhang, O.S. Hopperstad. Modeling strain-path changes in aluminum and steel. International Journal of Solids and Structures 117 (2017) 123–136.

    E. L. Grimsmo, A. H. Clausen, A. Aalberg, M. Langseth: Fillet welds subjected to impact loading – an experimental study. International Journal of Impact Engineering. 108 (2017). 101-113.

    Ilseng, A., Skallerud, B.H., Clausen, A.H.: An experimental and numerical study on the volume change of particle-filled elastomers in various loading modes. Mechanics of Materials 106 (44-57) 2017.

    January – February 2017:

    V. Aune, G. Valsamos, F. Casadei, M. Larcher, M. Langseth, T. Børvik. Numerical study on the structural response of blast-loaded thin aluminium and steel plates. International Journal of Impact Engineering 99 (2017) 131–144.

    Holmen, Jens Kristian; Børvik, Tore; Hopperstad, Odd Sture: Experiments and simulations of empty and sand-filled aluminium alloy panels subjected to ballistic impact. Engineering Structures. Volume 130. 1 January 2017, Pages 216–228.

    Holmen, Jens Kristian; Olovsson, Lars; Børvik, Tore: Discrete modeling of low-velocity penetration in sand. Computers and Geotechnics. Volume 86. June 2017, Pages 21–32.

    Aune V., Fagerholt E., Hauge K. O., Langseth M., Børvik T., Experimental study on the response of thin aluminium and steel plates subjected to airblast loading. International Journal of Impact Engineering 90 (2016)106 – 121.

    Aune V., Fagerholt E., Langseth M., Børvik T., A shock tube facility to generate blast loading on structures. International Journal of Protective Structures 2016; 7(3): 340-366.

    T. Børvik, L.A. Marken, M. Langseth, O.S. Hopperstad, G. Rørvik. Influence of sigma-phase precipitation on the impact behaviour of duplex stainless steel pipe fittings. Ships and Offshore Structures 11 (2016) 25-37.

    M. Costas, D. Morin, M. Langseth, L. Romera, J. Díaz, Axial crushing of aluminum extrusions filled with PET foam and GFRP. An experimental investigation. Thin-Walled Structures, Volume 99, February 2016, Pages 45–57.

    L.E. Bryhni Dæhli, T. Børvik, O.S. Hopperstad. Influence of loading path on ductile fracture of tensile specimens made from aluminium alloys. International Journal of Solids and Structures 88-89 (2016) 17-34.

    Lars Edvard Bryhni Dæhli, Jonas Faleskog, Tore Børvik, Odd Sture Hopperstad. Unit cell simulations and porous plasticity modelling for recrystallization textures in aluminium alloys. Procedia Structural Integrity 2 (2016): 2535-2542.

    H. Moe Føre, P.F. Lader, E. Lien, O.S. Hopperstad. Structural response of high solidity net cage models in uniform flow. Journal of Fluids and Structures 65 (2016) 180–195.

    Grimsmo E.L., Aalberg A., Langseth M., Clausen A.H.: Failure modes of bolt and nut assemblies under tensile loading. Journal of Constructional Steel Research 2016; 126; 15-25.

    Grimsmo E.L., Clausen A.H., Aalberg A., Langseth M.: A numerical study of beam-to-column joints subjected to impact. Engineering Structures 2016; 120; 103-115.

    Gruben G, Langseth M, Fagerholt E, Hopperstad OS, Low-velocity impact on high-strength steel sheets: An experimental and numerical study. International Journal of Impact Engineering 88 (2016) 153-171.

    Helbig M., Van Der Giessen E., Clausen A.H., Seelig T.: Continuum-micromechanical modeling of distributed crazing in rubber-toughened polymers. European Journal of Mechanics – A/Solids 2016; 57; 108-120.

    J.K. Holmen, L.E.B. Dæhli, O.S. Hopperstad, T. Børvik. Prediction of ductile failure using a phenomenological model calibrated from micromechanical simulations. Procedia Structural Integrity 2 (2016) 2543–2549.

    Holmen, J.K., Johnsen, J., Hopperstad, O.S., Børvik, T. (2016). Influence of fragmentation on the capacity of aluminum alloys subjected to ballistic impact. European Journal of Mechanics – A/Solids, 55, 221-233.

    Ilseng A., Skallerud B.H., Clausen A.H. Tension behaviour of HNBR and FKM elastomers for a wide range of temperaturesPolymer Testing 49 (2016) 128-136.

    Joakim Johnsen, Frode Grytten, Odd Sture Hopperstad, Arild Holm Clausen, Experimental set-up for determination of the large-strain tensile behaviour of polymers at low temperatures. Polymer Testing, Volume 53, August 2016, Pages 305–313.

    M. Khadyko, O.R. Myhr, S. Dumoulin, O.S. Hopperstad. A microstructure based yield and work-hardening model for textured 6xxx aluminium alloys. Philosophical Magazine 96 (2016) 1047-1072.

    Khadyko, M., Dumoulin, S. and Hopperstad, O. S., Texture gradients and strain localisation in extruded aluminium profile. International Journal of Solids and Structures 97 (2016): 239-255.

    Khadyko, M., Marioara, C. D., Ringdalen, I. G., Dumoulin, S., & Hopperstad, O. S. (2016). Deformation and strain localization in polycrystals with plastically heterogeneous grains. International Journal of Plasticity.

    Khadyko, M., Dumoulin, S., Cailletaud, G., & Hopperstad, O. S. (2016). Latent hardening and plastic anisotropy evolution in AA6060 aluminium alloy. International Journal of Plasticity 76, 51-74.

    Martin Kristoffersen, Tore Børvik, Magnus Langseth, Odd Sture Hopperstad. Dynamic versus quasi-static loading of X65 steel pipes. European Physical Journal, Volume 225, Issue 2, March 2016, Pages 325-334.

    Martin Kristoffersen, Tore Børvik, Odd Sture Hopperstad. Using unit cell simulations to investigate fracture due to compression-tension loading. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Volume 162, August 2016, Pages 269-289.

    Johan Kolstø Sønstabø, David Morin, Magnus Langseth, Macroscopic modelling of flow-drill screw connections in thin-walled aluminium structures. Thin-Walled Structures, Volume 105, August 2016, Pages 185–206.

    Vilamosa V., Clausen A.H., Børvik T., Skjervold S.E., Hopperstad O.S.: A physically-based constitutive model applied to AA6082 aluminium alloy at large strains, high strain rates and elevated temperatures. Materials and Design 2016; 103; 391-405.

    D. Vysochinskiy, T. Coudert, O.S. Hopperstad, O.G. Lademo, A. Reyes. Experimental detection of forming limit strains on samples with multiple local necks. Journal of Materials Processing Technology. 2016;227:216-26.

    I. Westermann, K.O. Pedersen, T. Børvik, O.S. Hopperstad. Work-hardening and ductility of artificially aged AA6060 aluminium alloy. Mechanics of Materials 97 (2016) 100–117

    Vilamosa, A.H. Clausen, T. Børvik, S. R. Skjervold, O.S. Hopperstad. Behaviour of Al-Mg-Si aluminium alloys under a wide range of temperatures and strain rates. International Journal of Impact Engineering 86 (2015) 223-239.

    Khadyko, M., Dumoulin, S., Børvik, T., & Hopperstad, O. S. (2015). Simulation of large-strain behaviour of aluminium alloy under tensile loading using anisotropic plasticity models. Computers & Structures, 157, 60-75.

    E.L. Grimsmo, A.H. Clausen, M. Langseth, A. Aalberg (2015). An experimental study of static and dynamic behaviour of bolted end-plate joints of steel. International Journal of Impact Engineering, Volume 85, November 2015, Pages 132–145.

    H. Fransplass, M. Langseth, O.S. Hopperstad. Experimental and numerical study of threaded steel fasteners under combined tension and shear at elevated loading rates. International Journal of Impact Engineering 76 (2015) 118–125.

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    J.K. Holmen, O.S. Hopperstad, T. Børvik. Low-velocity impact on multi-layered dual-phase steel plates. International Journal of Impact Engineering 78 (2015) 161–177.

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    A. Saai, I. Westermann, S. Dumoulin, O.S. Hopperstad. Crystal plasticity finite element simulations of pure bending of aluminium alloy AA7108.International Journal of Material Forming, DOI 10.1007/s12289-015-1233-z, 2015.

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    J.K. Holmen, T. Børvik, O.R. Myhr, H.G. Fjær, O.S. Hopperstad. Perforation of welded aluminum components: microstructure-based modelling and experimental validation. International Journal of Impact Engineering 84 (2015) 96107.

    Johan Kolstø Sønstabø, Petter Henrik Holmstrøm, David Morin, Magnus Langseth. Macroscopic strength and failure properties of flow-drill screw connections. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2015.

    V. Aune, T. Børvik, M. Langseth. Behaviour of plated structures subjected to blast loading. Proceedings of the XI International Congress on the Mechanical and Physical Behaviour of Materials under Dynamic Loading (DYMAT), European Physical Journal – Web of Conference 94, 01015 (2015). DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20159401015

    SIMLab Publications 2007 – 2014

    For the complete list of SIMLab Journal Publications 2007-2014, see SIMLab’s Final Report pp 48-52.